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Firefox Themes and Skins

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Firefox Themes screenshot

Firefox has the ability to change its default appearance with what are called themes, new software skins created freely by a community of enthusiast designers. These graphical modifications can have central themes, like imitating the look of other well known products (internet explorer, safari, etc), a favorite TV show and movie, or they can be the creative result of some designer's original inspiration. All Firefox themes can be found on that Firefox Add-ons | Themes page.

Installing these themes is very easy, you just click on the install button on the Firefox add-ons page and restart your application once it's over. You can manage multiple themes according to your mood with an easy set-up screen (see screen shot). You have to make sure that a particular theme is compatible with the version of Firefox you currently have installed, or you may encounter problems (it will be indicated). A good place to start finding a new theme is the "Most Downloaded" and the "Top Rated" sections.

Recommended list of themes for Firefox